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I am with you

A very unique creation. Added to this is a sumptuous bronze sculpture...

I salute you marie

This black monument offers a sculpture of flowers as well as a magnificent handmade portrait of the ..

In love forever

A superb granite in the bahamas blue color featuring a wreath of rose accompanied by a cross...

In our hearts

Innovative in form, combining novelty and class, this monument of black granite will appeal to every..

In the heart of the forest

This funerary monument with non-traditional forms but a timeless classic, is offered here in black a..

In the middle of nature

Monument to the classic form and in a color of granite which is just as ballast. This monument can b..

In the open field

Monument of dimension of 20x24 cut in a magnificent granite of black color illustrating the portrait..

In the pasture

A monument carved out of premium black granite showcasing a magnificent natural landscape. Drawing d..

In the rising sun

This funerary monument offers you a magnificent scene of a horse in the rising sun with a truck whic..

In the song of the swallows

A 36 "x24" piece of granite with a design entirely engraved by hand. Note that this monument can be ..

Indian Red

Originating in India, granite is an igneous stone created several billion years ago. Naturally beaut..

Infinite classic

A unique piece for beings who were just as unique...

Infinite love

This cushion will match your monument wonderfully, symbolizing all the love you bring to your loved ..

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