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Calla Lilly

A monument illustrating a superb sheaf of callas lilies. Here presented in gray color but choose the..

Canada bustards

This serpentine funerary monument is presented to you in black granite and this stone is polished on..

Chain: 20" Snake (Sterling Silver .925) - Rhodium Plated

This Handmade Rhodium plated .925 Sterling Silver chain is 18 inches long with a 2 inch extension an..

115.95$ 119.95$
Chestnut/Auburn (Tealight Urn)

Tealight with auburn finish, accented with Gold Brushed Antique Brass.Black Velvet Urn Bag & Gla..

219.95$ 224.95$
Chestnut/Auburn Gold (Keepsake Heart)

When someone we love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. Keepsakes are designed to tre..

149.95$ 179.95$
Community of nuns

Special project for a community of nuns. Several identical monuments in addition to a sculpture of J..


This magnificent black and polished funerary monument on each of its faces is embellished with a sub..

Curved rose

This magnificent black monument will commemorate the memory of who was dear to you...

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