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Ogee Cherr

This Octagon shaped urn is made from solid Cherry WoodMATERIAL: Cherry WoodDIMENSIONS: 6.5”H x 8.5"D..

439.95$ 449.95$
Olive Tree

It is sometimes difficult to choose from all of our model ranges. Note that we can make you a custom..

On a motorcycle

Monument of black granite of very high quality drawn by hand and personalized according to the taste..

On horseback

This magnificent black funerary monument with a serpentine shape polished only on the front, present..

On horseback

This funerary monument presented in a magnificent black granite, a scene of horses is engraved by ha..

On the edge of the quay

This funerary monument carved in high quality black granite to obtain this magnificent shape, is pol..

On the edge of the window

This funerary monument of very classic shape, is offered in a magnificent black color, its finish is..

On the Shore of lake

When we say that a picture is worth a thousand words ... A work of art in itself...

On the water's edge

This funerary monument carved from high quality black granite with a polished facade and bumpy sides..

One by your side

This monument is simply superb with its angel sculpture and its flowers...

One is good but two is better

Two monuments rather than one! No chicane everyone finds something to it...

Open heart

This magnificent piece of granite represents the image of the couple well. As different as it is, it..

Outstretched hand

A piece of granite in an absolutely sublime red color...

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