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She watches over you

Ce monument funéraire taillé dans un granit de couleur noir, poli au devant et bosselé sur les côtés..

so close to the sun

A cushion in shades of yellow that brings peace and light...

Soul of Rose

A magnificent rose carved from premium granite. The quality of the granite and the detail of this pi..

Spitting portrait

This monument is a very good example of what Funeral Monuments is capable of achieving. A monument r..

Splendor of nature

A monument of black granite illustrating a magnificent landscape of nature and a deer. Note that the..

Stairway to heaven

This funeral monument was designed for a unique person. This monument represents a united couple wal..

Still waters

This monument made of black granite carved in a rather unusual shape is both sober and innovative an..

Suddenly two

Magnificent sculpture including 2 magnificent doves carved from the granite piece. A work of art in ..

Sugar time

This funeral monument is simply breathtaking, a drawing representing to the perfection of what a map..

Summer shine

Un coussin rappelant les chaudes journées de lété..

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