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Watch over us

This splendid black funeral monument rests on a base of the same color, the funeral monument and its..

Waterfall at dawn

This monument represents the tranquility of a sunrise in nature..

We miss you

A sublime sculpture representing an angel who watches over us...

Wheat for every thought

A magnificent sheaf of wheat carved from premium black granite...

Wheat in a bouquet

A monument in a superb pink color. For nature lovers this monument will be perfect to commemorate yo..

White of white

A monument of black granite offering you a magnificent winter landscape. Do like this customer and t..

Wholeheartedly with you

A simply breathtaking angel carving directly into the stone watching over a heart of first quality b..

With you and near you

This magnificent monument emphasizes all the love we feel for each other..

With you for eternity

This magnificent funeral monument which lets you know that the loss of a loved one is a step but tha..

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