A sheaf of wheat

A classic if there is one. A funerary monument in this granite, will pass very well the modes and th..

A sweet moment in the campaign

With a polished finish, this granite offers a funerary monument with a dimension altogether differen..

All to love

For people who want their funerary monument to offer a well defined contrasting design and engraving..

Birds and roses

A funerary monument in high quality black granite has always been a symbol of elegance. It is the on..

Return to the nest

If you want your funeral monument to be illuminated, you must consider Pearl Blue for your selection..

The Devotion

This funerary monument with contemporary lines pushes elegance a little further than the usual norm...

The farm and its habitat

This funerary monument has a less conventional but just as classic form, to maximize the contrast of..

The Holy Mary

Paradiso is a little-known, little-used granite that deserves a second consideration. With its curre..

The parchment

There isn't a lot of quality green granite available, but tropical green is definitely in a class of..

The rainbow

This funeral monument is a perfect example of the flexibility we have when it comes to doing somethi..

Together for alway

In 1 granite of a distinctive and unique color, this funerary monument is distinguished by the sobri..

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